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Counteracting age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass : a clinical and ethnological trial on the role of protein supplementation and training load (CALM Intervention Study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Authors: Bechshøft, Rasmus; Reitelseder, Søren; Højfeldt, Grith; Castro Mejia, Josue Leonardo; Khakimov, Bekzod; Bin Ahmad, Hajar Fauzan; Kjær, Michael; Engelsen, Søren Balling; Laugesen, Susanne Margrete Bølling; Rasmussen, Morten Arendt; Lassen, Aske Juul; Jensen, Tenna; Beyer, Nina; Serena, Anja; Perez-Cueto, Armando; Nielsen, Dennis Sandris; Jespersen, Astrid Pernille; Holm, Lars
Article in: Trials, 2016, Vol. 17, 397
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Changes in orosensory perception related to aging and strategies for counteracting its influence on food preferences among older adults
Authors: Song, Xiao; Giacalone, Davide; Laugesen, Susanne Margrete Bølling; Frøst, Michael Bom; Bredie, Wender
Article in: Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2016, Vol. 53, p. 49-59
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Health and quality of life in an aging population – food and beyond
Authors: Giacalone, Davide; Wendin, Karin Maria Elisabet; Kremer, Stefanie; Frøst, Michael Bom; Bredie, Wender; Olsson, Viktoria; Otto, Marie Haulund; Skjoldborg, Signe Dahl; Lindberg, Ulla; Risvik, Einar.
Article in Food Quality and Preference, Vol. 47, No. Part B, 2016, p. 166-170.
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Implied meal partners. Ethnographic accounts of older research participants in a clinical intervention and their meal practices

Author: Marie Haulund Otto
Article in Ethnologia Scandinavica. A Journal for Nordic Ethnology. Vol. 46, 2016. p. 87-104. 2016.

The importance of age perceptions and nutritional science to early 20th century institutional diets
Author: Tenna Jensen
Article in Social History og Medicine. Online first. 2016.
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Whey protein stories – an experiment in writing a multidisciplinary biography Author: Jensen, T.; Bechshøft, RL.; Giacalone, D.; Otto, MH.; Castro-Mejía, J.; Ahmad HF.; Reitelseder, S.; Jespersen, AP.
Article in Appetite, 107: 285-294. 2016. 
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Alder, mælkeprotein og muskelfunktion
Authors: Reitelseder, S.; Bechshøft, R.L.; Holm, L.,
Article in Mælkeritidende, 128(17), p. 8-9. 2015. 
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Appetit på maden, Rapport og Idékatalog.
Authors: Jensen, T.; Grønnow, L.; Larsen, M.; Eisner, N.; Toft, C.; Jespersen, A.P. 
Read the report Appetit på Maden (pdf). (In Danish).

Hurrah for the increasing longevity: feasible strategies to counteract age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass
Authors: Lars Holm ; Astrid Pernille Jespersen ; Dennis Sandris Nielsen ; Michael Bom Frøst ; Søren Reitelseder ; Tenna Jensen ; Søren Balling Engelsen ; M. Kjær ; Tine Damsholt
Article in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, Vol. 25. February 2015.
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Optimizing protocols for extraction of bacteriophages prior to metagenomic analyses of phage communities in the human gut
Authors: Castro-Mejía, J.L.; Muhammed, M.K.; Kot, W.; Neve, H.; Franz, C.M.A.P.; Hansen, L.H.; Vogensen, F.K.; Nielsen, D.S.
Article in Microbiome, 3:64. 2015.
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Ældres hverdagspraksisser og aldringspolitik: Om synkroniseringsarbejdet imellem hverdag og politik
Authors: Lassen, A.J. & Jespersen, A.P.
Article in Kulturstudier, 1:79-99. 2015.
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Det gode seniorliv (in Danish)
Authors: Lars Holm ; Astrid Jespersen ; Rikke Lund
Book. Strandberg Publishing. 2014.
To order the book, go to the website of the publisher (in Danish)

Mad til ældre i Danmark. Mangel og krig i tiden 1892-1945 (in Danish)
Author: Tenna Jensen
Article in Dansk Madhistorie: Mad i krig og krise. Redigeret af Irene Hellvik. Dansk Landbrugsmuseums Forlag. Nov. 2014.

Fra forfald til forbedring. Ændrede opfattelser af ældres sundhed i Danmark i det 20. århundrede (in Danish)
Author: Tenna Jensen
Article in Tidsskriftet Kulturstuder, #1. Juli 2014.
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Unmaking old age: The political and cognitive formats of active aging
Authors: Lassen, A.J.; Moreira, T.
Article in Journal of Aging studies, 30: 33-46. 2014.
Read the article at (limited access) (in Danish)