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Even effect of milk protein and carbohydrate intake but no further effect of heavy resistance exercise on myofibrillar protein synthesis in older men
Arthors: Reitelseder, S.; Dideriksen, K.; Agergaard, J.; Malmgaard-Clausen, N.M.; Bechshoeft, R.L.; Petersen, R.K.; Serena, A.; Mikkelsen, U.R.; Holm, L.
Article in Eur. J. Nutrition. 2018.


Ældre menneskers liv og livsvilkår siden 1900
Arthors: Jensen, T; Wingender, N,; Nørtoft, K, Lassen, AJ; Møller, A.
Chapter in Gammel i København. Frydenlund. 2017

Eating Strategies. An analysis of how frail home-dwelling older people in Denmark develop strategies to form meaningful eating situations
Arthors: Jensen, T.; Grønnow, L.; Jespersen, A.P.
Chapter in Ageing & Society. Doi:10.1017/S0144686X70001076. 2017.

Getting Old and Keeping Going: The Motivation Technologies of Active Aging in Denmark
Arthors: Lassen, A.J. & Jespersen, A.P.
Chapter in Lamb, Sarah (ed.): "Successful Aging? Global Perspectives on a Contemporary Obsession", Rutgers University Press. 2017.

Improved skeletal muscle mass and strength after heavy strength training in very old individuals
Arthors: Bechshoeft, R.L.; Malmgaard-Clausen, N.M.; Madsen, B.G.; Beyer, N.; Mackey, A.L.; Andersen, J.L.; Kjaer, M.; Holm, L.
Exp. Gerontology. 92, 96-105, 2017.

Resistance training in elderly people: The influence of training load and age on muscle mass and function 
PhD dissertation by Bechshoeft, R.L.
Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. 2017.

Towards understanding the trajectory and interactions of the gut microbiome in healthy older humans
Phd dissertation by Castro-Mejia, J.L.
Department of Food Science, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. 2017.

Sundhedsfremme for pensionister gennem forståelse af deres hverdagsrutiner
Arthor: Lassen, AJ.
Article in Københavns Universitets Almanak 2018. 2017.

Hvorfor er styrketræning vigtig for ældre?
Arthors: Larsen, MM and Lassen, AJ.
Article in Seniorbladet, 5:7, 12-13, 2017.

Ny forskning skal opdage sarkopeni
Arthors: Larsen, MM and Lassen, AJ.
Article in Seniorbladet, 5:7, 14-16, 2017.

Proteiner er livsnødvendige
Arthors: Larsen, MM and Lassen, AJ.
Article in Seniorbladet, 5:8, 14-16, 2017.


Counteracting age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass : a clinical and ethnological trial on the role of protein supplementation and training load (CALM Intervention Study): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
Authors: Bechshøft, Rasmus; Reitelseder, Søren; Højfeldt, Grith; Castro Mejia, Josue Leonardo; Khakimov, Bekzod; Bin Ahmad, Hajar Fauzan; Kjær, Michael; Engelsen, Søren Balling; Laugesen, Susanne Margrete Bølling; Rasmussen, Morten Arendt; Lassen, Aske Juul; Jensen, Tenna; Beyer, Nina; Serena, Anja; Perez-Cueto, Armando; Nielsen, Dennis Sandris; Jespersen, Astrid Pernille; Holm, Lars
Article in: Trials, 2016, Vol. 17, 397
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Changes in orosensory perception related to aging and strategies for counteracting its influence on food preferences among older adults
Authors: Song, Xiao; Giacalone, Davide; Laugesen, Susanne Margrete Bølling; Frøst, Michael Bom; Bredie, Wender
Article in: Trends in Food Science & Technology, 2016, Vol. 53, p. 49-59
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Health and quality of life in an aging population – food and beyond
Authors: Giacalone, Davide; Wendin, Karin Maria Elisabet; Kremer, Stefanie; Frøst, Michael Bom; Bredie, Wender; Olsson, Viktoria; Otto, Marie Haulund; Skjoldborg, Signe Dahl; Lindberg, Ulla; Risvik, Einar.
Article in Food Quality and Preference, Vol. 47, No. Part B, 2016, p. 166-170.
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Implied meal partners. Ethnographic accounts of older research participants in a clinical intervention and their meal practices

Author: Marie Haulund Otto
Article in Ethnologia Scandinavica. A Journal for Nordic Ethnology. Vol. 46, 2016. p. 87-104. 2016.

The importance of age perceptions and nutritional science to early 20th century institutional diets
Author: Tenna Jensen
Article in Social History og Medicine. Online first. 2016.
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Whey protein stories – an experiment in writing a multidisciplinary biography Authors: Jensen, T.; Bechshøft, RL.; Giacalone, D.; Otto, MH.; Castro-Mejía, J.; Ahmad HF.; Reitelseder, S.; Jespersen, AP.
Article in Appetite, 107: 285-294. 2016. 
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Extraction and purification of viruses from fecal samples for metagenome and morphology analyses
Arthors: Castro-Mejia, J.L.; Deng, L.; Vogensen, F.K.; Reyes, A.; Nielsen
Article in “Methods in Molecular Biology: The human virome”, Springer. 2016


Alder, mælkeprotein og muskelfunktion
Authors: Reitelseder, S.; Bechshøft, R.L.; Holm, L.,
Article in Mælkeritidende, 128(17), p. 8-9. 2015. 
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Appetit på maden, Rapport og Idékatalog.
Authors: Jensen, T.; Grønnow, L.; Larsen, M.; Eisner, N.; Toft, C.; Jespersen, A.P. 
Read the report Appetit på Maden (pdf). (In Danish).

Hurrah for the increasing longevity: feasible strategies to counteract age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass
Authors: Lars Holm ; Astrid Pernille Jespersen ; Dennis Sandris Nielsen ; Michael Bom Frøst ; Søren Reitelseder ; Tenna Jensen ; Søren Balling Engelsen ; M. Kjær ; Tine Damsholt
Article in Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, Vol. 25. February 2015.
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Optimizing protocols for extraction of bacteriophages prior to metagenomic analyses of phage communities in the human gut
Authors: Castro-Mejía, J.L.; Muhammed, M.K.; Kot, W.; Neve, H.; Franz, C.M.A.P.; Hansen, L.H.; Vogensen, F.K.; Nielsen, D.S.
Article in Microbiome, 3:64. 2015.
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Ældres hverdagspraksisser og aldringspolitik: Om synkroniseringsarbejdet imellem hverdag og politik
Authors: Lassen, A.J. & Jespersen, A.P.
Article in Kulturstudier, 1:79-99. 2015.
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Det gode seniorliv (in Danish)
Authors: Lars Holm ; Astrid Jespersen ; Rikke Lund
Book. Strandberg Publishing. 2014.
To order the book, go to the website of the publisher (in Danish)

Mad til ældre i Danmark. Mangel og krig i tiden 1892-1945 (in Danish)
Author: Tenna Jensen
Article in Dansk Madhistorie: Mad i krig og krise. Redigeret af Irene Hellvik. Dansk Landbrugsmuseums Forlag. Nov. 2014.

Fra forfald til forbedring. Ændrede opfattelser af ældres sundhed i Danmark i det 20. århundrede (in Danish)
Author: Tenna Jensen
Article in Tidsskriftet Kulturstuder, #1. Juli 2014.
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Unmaking old age: The political and cognitive formats of active aging
Authors: Lassen, A.J.; Moreira, T.
Article in Journal of Aging studies, 30: 33-46. 2014.
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